Community Services Project for Displaced Persons in (Al-Jawf - Taiz)

About the project

A need assessment conducted by CSSW showed that there is a critical situation for women and children who live in Taiz and Al Jawf governorates, particularly among IDPs. The assessment indicated that 87% of people, including children, feel sadness, anxiety, and fear because of the protracted conflict, 59% feel humiliation or disrespect by others, while 53 % feel unsafe where they settle now.

This project (Community Services for internal displaced people) funded by OCHA and implemented by CSSW in Al-Jawf governorate (Al-Hazm, Al-Ghail, Al-Musloob and Al-Khalaq) districts, and in Taiz governorate (Maqabana and Jabal Habashi) districts.

Project aims:

The project aimed to protect internal displaced people based on human rights principles with emphasis on the most vulnerable cases, such as those with special needs, women exposed to violence, gender-based violence, marginalized groups and children affected by the conflict.


Project beneficiaries:

Provision of protection services to (45,000) IDPs and host community people in the two governorates in six districts.

Main outputs of the project activities are:

• Reports regularly shared with donors and humanitarian actors within the targeted communities.

• The project tracks the movement of the target people and then transfers services to their destinations.

• Register the most vulnerable cases among IDPs.

• Monitor the most vulnerable cases and detect human rights violations.

• Assess needs of the most vulnerable cases, especially women and children.

• Collaboration and effective participation of the host communities and displaced persons.

• Organize community awareness sessions on protection issues.

• Provide cash assistance to the most vulnerable categories.

• Provide referrals to humanitarian service providers as needed.

• Organize psychosocial support sessions in targeted communities.

• Provide psychosocial counseling services for cases who suffer from trauma and psychiatric disorders.

• Organize awareness sessions for displaced persons on human rights.

• Provide legal support for cases in need.

• Conduct social surveys to identify the most vulnerable cases requiring cash assistance in accordance with the criteria set by the project.

• Provide cash assistance to eligible cases based on the results of surveys conducted.

• Refer critical cases to relevant service providers based on the referral system mechanism identified by the project.

• Establish (3) child-friendly spaces at school and community levels.

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