Health services project for the affected communities

About the project

In recent years, Yemen has been suffering from successive wars and crises that affected many Yemenis economically and psychologically, especially children, women, elderly and young people. The World Health Organization (WHO) has contributed to alleviate the sufferance, particularly in areas affected by wars and in safe haven areas.

This project (Health services for the affected communities) is funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and implemented by CSSW in Lahj Governorate, mainly in the districts of (Al-Maqatira, Al-Madhariba, Tor Al-Baha, and Al-Qabbaita).


The project aims to:

provide medical services and psychosocial support sessions through (3) mobile clinics. The project targets community leaders through workshops in addition to home visits by female health educators and community awareness sessions.

Project beneficiaries:

Healthcare: (13,500) individuals through clinics.

Training: targets (30) community leaders as well as (20) community educators.

Awareness raising: Through implementing (2500) visits – (15,000) beneficiaries.

Awareness sessions: (300) sessions and (6,000) beneficiaries.

Republic of Yemen, in the capital Sana'a - the new university
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