Establishment and Development

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To be a national and regional leading reference of charitable and development work.

To contribute in achieving sustainable development for poverty alleviation in Yemen community by using voluntary efforts in partnership with local communities and donor organizations giving the priority to rural areas, youth, women and children.

Who we are
Non-governmental, independent, non-profit, humanitarian,developmental, charitable, voluntary and social organization

- Institutionalism - Transparency - Partnership
- Accountability - Quality & Development - Professionalism


CSSW .. Establishment and Development

The Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) was established in March 1990 by an elite of volunteers and social figures as a charitable non-governmental organization aims to implement its projects and services according to periodical plans and developed strategy in addition to work approach based on scientific methodology in order to be a link between donors and beneficiaries.

To contribute to combat poverty in Yemen and reduce its expansion.
Improve and supporting programs and projects of sustainable and rural development.
Developing youth, woman and child to enable them to enhance their various abilities and skills.
Contribute to support the community in the fields of health, social and education.
To revive the spirit of solidarity and create modern ways of voluntary work in the community.
To contribute to alleviate the damages resulting from disasters.
To expand the scope work of CSSW and extend the bridge of relations with neighboring and regional states.

CSSW had endeavored since its establishment to benefit from the available human and material capacities, utilizing such resources towards voluntary and institutional work. CSSW’s administrative system depends on organizational structure characterized by clear specializations and authorities.
In addition, it depends on perfect planning and accurate evaluation relating to its projects and programs which implemented by the branches and sectors in various governorates of Yemen. Also, CSSW invests all experiences to develop the administrative and financial system to cope with the rapid changes and developments.

Republic of Yemen, in the capital Sana'a - the new university
Phone: 009671464402

Fax: 009671464399

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