CSSW 2020 strategy & Methodology

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CSSW 2020 strategy & Methodology

Developmental vision for CSSW & 2020 strategy
   Aimed to cope with the huge and accelerated developments in various domains of life, CSSW adopted the 2020 strategy as a new and advanced strategy that reflects the Society’s trend and vision during the upcoming period.
This strategy is planned to be as a referral for the charity and developmental work on the level of Yemen and the region.
The CSSW strategy is based on a work approach, a package of general guidelines and priorities in accordance with a scientific methodology and in line with the governmental/official trends and policies and also within the framework of the existing and renewed partnership with local and international donors.

CSSW 2020 strategy & Methodology

   Through the strategy of 2020, CSSW aims to determine a specific procedures of a new approach based on scientific methodology for identifying the needs and designing the projects.
Then comes marketing and implementing projects focusing on evaluating the implementing process in various stages in order to constantly develop and improve in service and performance according to the following procedures and steps as:

- Identify the needs through surveys and field studies.
- Design necessary projects to meet the needs according to the priority.
- Market the projects.
- Sign contracts/agreements with donor organizations.
- Implement projects.
- Document all steps of projects during the implementation process.
- Submit narrative and financial reports of projects to donors.
- Evaluate the projects with the concerned authorities.
- Observe/monitor the impact of project among the community.

CSSW 2020 strategy & Methodology

   As for the strategy 2020, CSSW identified its priorities during the next period by discussions held lasting several months. After these discussions, CSSW reached to importance focusing on sustainable development as Priority which considers more important than fields of relief and current care because it is the corner stone to achieve comprehensive community development. Accordingly, it also focused on woman, child and youth categories as they are the most important basis for community renaissance.
In addition, this strategy focuses on rural development to improve rural areas which suffer from sever poverty and lack essential services.

CSSW 2020 strategy & Methodology

Guidelines of the 2020 Strategy
Expand in successful projects.
Focus on youth, woman and child projects and programs.
Focus on rural development.
Work in accordance with international standards.
Upgrade effectiveness of CSSW staff in the main headquarters and other branches through the following:
1 - Long-term qualification
2 - Training
3 - Motivation
- Hire proficient and highly qualified expertise.
- Implement projects and activities in coordination with specialized partners.
- Qualify and develop its branches.
- Train and utilize capabilities of volunteers.
- Make use of advanced media technology and specialized media personnel to promote CSSW’s mission in a best manner.
- Seek to computerize all CSSW’s procedures and action.

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