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Relief of Refugees and Displaced People:
1- Re-construction program in Abyan governorate (Second stage).
2- Relief and rehabilitation services for displaced people (IDPs) in Haradh.
3- Emergency relief services for IDPs in Amran.
4- Distribution of foodstuffs for IDPs families who returned to home of origin.
5- Distribution of non-food items for families affected by floods.
6- Building houses damaged by fire in Hodeida governorate.
7- Supporting the Yemeni deportees from Saudi Arabia.
8- Supporting Syrian refugees in Yemen.
9- Supporting displaced people inside Syria.

Community Development:
1- Nama Program for micro-finance.
2- Income-generation Projects.
3- Inauguration of Doha Institute in Hodeida for training and qualifying.
4- Furnishing Dar Alryaheen for qualification and support of female orphans in Hodeida.
5- Constructional and development projects.
6- Training and qualifying staff and volunteers.

Sector of Sponsorship and Care for Orphans:
1- Project of sponsorship and support of orphans.
2- The Eighth Orphan Festival.
3- Forum of Innovation and Distinction.
4- Competition of Innovation and Distinction.
5- The Arab Orphan Day.

Sector of Youth Development:
1- Project of emergency relief for stability of local communities.
2- Project of Child-friendly schools.
3- Program of youth employability to the labor market.
4- Program of relief teams and disaster Preparedness.
5- Computer training project

Sector of Health Services and Projects:
First: Primary health caring and health services:
1- Health Facilities.
2- Mental/psychiatric health.
3- Medical campaigns and caravans.
4- Surgical Camps.
5- Distributing of cerebrospinal fluid suction devices.
6- Medical support for patients with chronic diseases and poor patients.
7 Specialized medical services.
Second: Health Programs and Projects:
1- Project of reproductive health and family planning.
2- Program of malnutrition treatment.
3- Program to combat HIV/AIDS.
4- Program to combat Tuberculosis and Malaria.
5- Program of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion.
6- Onchocerciasis elimination program.
7- Project for supporting Somali refugees in Kharaz and Albsateen camps.

Educational and Social Care:
1- Ramadan Charitable Projects.
2- Distribution of Eid meat and clothes project.
3- Sponsoring poor families project.
4- Food security Project.
5- Sponsoring elderly people project.
6- Project of distribution cash money for needy people and poor patients.
7- Al-Shafaka House for sheltering patients of renal failure and cancer.
8- Somali Refugees Empowerment Program.
9- Educational Projects.

Woman and Child Development:
1- Project of supporting the marginalized people (Muhamasheen).
2- Program of Somali Female Refugee Empowerment.
3- Program of Economic Empowerment for Girls.
4- Project for Women Qualifying to the labor market.
5- Vocational and Handicraft Training.
6- Educational and Social Services and Projects.

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