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CSSW conducts educational programs and projects for the development of education as the focus of the overall development and to help students complete general and university education. In 2014, CSSW conducted several educational projects.

1 - Distribution of school bag and uniform

CSSW conducted this project all over the Republic to help poor family students and orphans and encourage them to enroll in schools and continue their education. The project distributed school bags equipped with necessary items, including notebooks and pens. School uniforms were also distributed benefiting (37,511) male and female students.

2 - Global partnership in education

CSSW carried out this project in partnership with Unicef under the global grants to renovate conflictaffected schools in Yemen. A number of (7) schools have been renovated in the governorates of Aden and Lahj.

3 - Student support project

The project aims to sponsor students in need and provide university scholarships. It is conducted in partnership with supporting institutions and personalities at home and overseas.

Table shows students support project-rendered services and beneficiaries in 2014

4 - Somali Kefugee

Educational and training programs

CSSW empowers Somali refugees scientifically and technically to improve their economic and living conditions and help their social integration. The program make them fit for the labor market by conducting long-term educational and technical programs lasting from three to four years and short-term programs of up to six months.

Table illustrates educational programs for refugees and the beneficiaries in 2014

Within the above program, CSSW provides active loans to help Somali refugees create micro-economic projects to find new income sources for them and their families.

Table indicating loans granted to Somali refugees in 2014

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