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By this Sector, CSSW conducts social, health, educational and cultural programs for the community development and to improve the standard of living and economic conditions of women and children.

The Sector’s branches and women committees in Sana’a and the Republic’s governorates, in partnership with organizations and donors provide multi-humanitarian services, conduct diversified activities and training programs for the rehabilitation of poor family girls and orphans, and provide them the craft and occupation skills that help them find new sources of income.

1- Distribution of dignity and health bags

CSSW conducted the project in the districts of Aslam and Bani Qais of Hajjah governorate with funding from the German foreign ministry and implementing partnership by CARE organization. The project distributed the dignity and healthy bags, water tankers and filters benefiting (714) families in the targeted districts.

2 - Distribution of health bags for prison female inmates

The project inspected the conditions of prison inmates and distributed (100) bags made up of different health items, and other articles for women within the services provided by the health sector for women inmates of the Central Prison in Sana’a. The distribution was conducted in cooperation with Sakha Company for Services in the State of Qatar.

3 - Social, educational and health care for orphans

Through this project, social, educational and health services provided for (1917) male and female orphans sponsored by the Sector. Such services included distribution of monthly cash allocation, school bags, medical examinations, educational and recreational activities. The Sector distributed winter clothing for (200) poor families.


4 - Food Support Project

The Social Sector distributed foodstuffs for (938) poor families to assist in sufferance alleviation. Dates were also distributed for other (360) poor families. In addition, the Sector participated in the distribution of food for thousands of poor families during the holy month of Ramadan.

5 - Vocational training and qualification

The Sector conducts several workshops, training and qualification programs to acquire girls and young women craft skills to qualify them for the labor market and provide sources of income for themselves and their families.

Table shows training programs and workshops conducted by the Sector in 2014

6 - Osama Child Magazine

Within its interest in the child’s education development, CSSW issued Osama Magazine for children, which is the sole printed child’s publication in Yemen. Currently, (14,000) copies are printed bimonthly. It is distributed to most of the kiosks and libraries in the governorates of the Republic and is widely accepted among children and those interested in the culture of the child. It enjoys good relations with the various government agencies and organizations concerned with child’s issues in our country. In 2014, five issues with a total of (70,000) copies were printed and distributed.


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