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1 - Ramadan Charitable Projects

Ramadan charitable projects are among the most important seasonal projects and seeks to spread solidarity ideals among members of the society and support the poor and needy during the holy month of Ramadan. Such projects benefit hundreds of thousands of poor families, needy people, and passers-by.

The projects comprise ready meals, food and dates for the needy families, as well as clothes and Eid gifts. In 2014: (184,625) families and (307,971) persons in all governorates of the Republic benefited from these projects.


2 – Qurban meat distribution

The project aims is to support and assist needy families during the Eid al-Adha days. It benefits tens of thousands of poor families in all governorates of the Republic. It also benefits thousands of sick people, the disabled, displaced people and refugees.

Table shows Qurban animals slaughtered and beneficiaries in 2014

3 - Safety Net and Livelihoods:

CSSW conducted the project in partnership with WFP in Lahj governorates as one of the most prominent governorate that suffer from widespread poverty. The project contributes to the protection of poor families and vulnerable groups from the level of extreme poverty and famine.

It also seeks to build and rehabilitate community assets to improve life for families and targeted community groups. In 2014, the project was conducted with the following two components:

1. Conditional food distribution in nine districts of Lahj governorate. These districts include Alhota, Musaimir, Radfan, Qabaitah, Madhareba, Maqatera, Tor al-Baha, Jabal Saber and Alhad.

2. Food for work in the districts of Yahar and Yafea. This includes:

• Food for training through which one of the family’s girls is trained on sewing, engraving (henna), incense industry, first aid and other trades. Every family gets food in return for the training at the end of the course.

• Food for community business targeting men and women. Everyone contributes in serving their community through road cleaning, garbage collection and incineration, etc. works. Every family gets food and financial benefits in exchange for this contribution.

• Food for Assets with the participation of men and women, as everyone works to build the community assets such as paving roads, fencing, renovating schools and building reservoirs, and water dykes and other assets that benefit the community. Families who se one of its members participating in such activities gets food ration and financial allowance. Approximately (48,863) persons included in the social security network in Lahj governorate benefited from the project. The food parcels distributed comprised wheat, cooking oil, salt and beans.

4 - Poor family sponsorship

The project is implemented in several governorates in partnership with certain supporting organizations at home and abroad, as CSSW supplies and provides monthly and periodic sustenance for poor families according to the results of social surveys conducted to recognize eligible families.

The project distributes foodstuffs consisting of flour, rice, sugar and oil. In 2014, about (1600) families benefited from the project.

5 - Sponsorship of the disabled

CSSW is concerned with the disabled suffering from difficult living conditions, especially those who do not have supporters to provide for their living necessities. In 2014, the project sponsored (83) disabled persons with monthly cash ranging from (10,000 to 15,000) YR for each handicapped person.


6 - Cash and in-kind charity for needy families and passers-by

By the Project, CSSW distributes emergency food aid for the needy unsponsored families to help them cope with their living conditions. In this regard, CSSW provides cash assistance to needy families, passers-by, jobless people, and needy patients. In 2014, (19,746) families and (7850) persons benefited from the project.

7- Eid clothing distribution

CSSW conducts this project in cooperation with several organizations, associations, and philanthropists at home and abroad. The project targets tens of thousands of children of poor and orphan families. It alleviates the suffering of those families during the days of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha feasts.

In 2014, around (39,870) boys and girls in all governorates of the Republic benefited from the project.

8 - Distribution of winter clothing

In partnership with organizations, charity associations, and donors, CSSW conducts this project which helps thousands of needy families in the extremely cold mountainous governorates.

In 2014, the project benefited (13,110) families in the governorates of Sa’ada, Hajjah, Amran, Sana’a, Aldhale, Abyan and the Capital Sana’a.

9 - Dar al-Shafaqa to accommodate patients with cancer and renal failure

The House accommodates patients, especially those coming from the governorates suffering from difficulty in the provision of housing in the Capital Sana’a. It also provides daily meals to patients and their companions, dispenses necessary medicines for patients, and distributes food and Eid (feast) clothing for the patients’ families.

The House also conducts activities and events within the cultural and awareness programs and psychological support. In 2014, the House benefited (790) patients and their companions.

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