Orphan Sponsorship and Care

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By the orphan sponsorship sector, CSSW currently looks after 35,036 male and female orphans all over the Republic. The cumulative number of orphans sponsored by CSSW exceeded 53,000 orphans since CSSW started. Of these, hundreds have their own business. Many work in medical and fields of education, human rights, etc.

Through the orphan sector, CSSW provides social, educational and health care services for sponsored orphans. It also conducts several recreational and educational activities in addition to payment of monthly cash allowances to meet the subsistence needs of orphans. Other CSSW-undertaken activities include the development of capabilities and skills of orphans to make them fit for employment by various rehabilitation and training programs with interest in talented and creative orphans in the technical and educational field programs. In this regard, CSSW established the vocational training centers for orphans in certain governorates of the Republic.

During 2014, CSSW sponsored (2447) male and female orphans in all governorates. A number of (5307) orphans were marketed for sponsorship, with the provision of many services in the areas of education, health, and training programs.

Cash, in-kind sponsorship and social services

Health, education and cultural services

Qualification and training

Distribution of household needs and renovation of orphan homes

Distribution of the orphans-required items is among CSSW most important projects undertaken in partnership with the humanitarian organization for relief, human rights and freedoms (IHH) in Turkey. During 2014, the Orphans Sector in the presence of the organization’s delegation distributed supplies to (200) male and female orphans sponsored by the organization in several governorates.

The required items included household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, juice, wardrobe, mattresses, blankets, ovens, gas-operated bakers, vacuum cleaners, reservoirs of drinking water, hygiene and sterilization equipment.

CSSW distributed flour, wheat, sugar, rice and milk. It also refurbished (18) houses of its sponsored orphans.

Distribution of Turkish organization TIKA-funded water filter for orphans

The sector distributed to (500) orphans water filters funded by TIKA in the governorates of Hodeida, Taiz, Lahj, Mukalla, Hajjah, the Capital Sana’a, and Sana’a governorate. The project sought to contribute to the provision of clean and safe water to keep up the health of orphans.

Youth Initiatives

The year 2014 witnessed implementation of nine volunteer youth initiatives by orphans sponsored in some of the provinces.

The purpose of such initiatives was to involve orphans in the service of the community and make their role effective in the volunteering tasks to meet the needs of the community.

The initiatives provided social, sports and health services to a number of social groups in the following areas:

- Hygiene

- Planting trees in the streets

- Sidewalks spraying and polishing

- Filling holes

- Distribution of food

- Awareness campaigns

- Conducting courses for school students on human development

Table shows youth initiatives in 2014

Participation in the Companions Campaign in Qatar

A delegation of CSSW-sponsored orphans participated in the campaign conducted by Qatar Charity, in the State of Qatar in coincidence with the Arab Orphan Day, in cooperation with Al-Jazeera Children.

The purpose of the participation was to introduce some of the successful examples of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity through CSSW. On the other hand, the purpose of Companions Campaign was to provide new global sponsorships for orphans and children and create new programs and projects interested in caring for and rehabilitation of orphans.

Improve work mechanism of orphan sector

1. Cash payment by e-mail : By this instrument, benefits for the orphans are paid by e-mail, through the banks to streamline the payment and promote the principle of transparency.

2. Activate the electronic gate: The purpose of this method is to help the sponsors follow-up the periodic reports on their sponsored orphans through the orphans sector website. In addition, sponsors can now follow up their orphans through mobile phone applications with ease.

3. Fifth Regular Meeting: It evaluated the branches’ performance and reviewed plans, reports and determined the general guidelines and new policies adopted by CSSW for the improvement and development in accordance with the principles and policies of international quality and standards. The meeting honored the distinguished branches for their performance and granted them the CSSW shield.

4. Training course for activity officers: The purpose of such courses is to benefit the activity officers remarkable for the discovery and development of the talents of orphans.

5. The courses aimed to qualify the activity officers, improve the technical work mechanism, and develop the process of the sector’s activity administration at the Head Office and branches.





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