Community Development

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1 - Microfinance Program

CSSW concluded a contract with Nama Microfinance Program in order to support development in Yemen to provide easy-term loans for the development of small enterprises in both the Capital Sana’a and the governorates of Taiz, Hodeida and Ibb.

Table showing the Nama program operations in 2014

 2 - Income-generating projects

CSSW implemented plenty of income-generating projects in order to contribute to the fight against poverty and to reduce unemployment rate in Yemen. In this connection, easy-repayment grants are offered for individuals and poor families. The pay period may extend to two years. The grant value ranges between one hundred thousand to two million Yemeni riyals.

Such grants help beneficiaries form small income-generating projects to provide for their needs and livelihood requirements. These projects benefited (48) poor families in 2014 in the Capital Sana’a and other governorates.

Table shows income-generating projects and beneficiaries in 2014

3- Construction and Development Projects

In this connection, CSSW builds, furnishes and operates the following facilities homes for poor families, training and vocational centers, schools, hospitals, health centers and clinics. It also works on digging and deepening wells for drinking water, establishment and installation of pumps, water systems, and water tanks in rural and deprived areas.

During 2014, CSSW constructed (24) different projects as follows

Table shows construction projects started in 2014 and still under construction

 4- Training and qualification of staff

In this connection, CSSW undertakes many training courses and programs for employees and service providers as commensurate with the required training needs in order to develop their skills and improve performance level in various fields. In 2014, CSSW headquarters training center conducted twelve personnel training courses in various areas.

Table indicating CSSW-undertaken training programs in 2014


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