Development and Social Welfare

About the sector

CSSW is concerned with community development in the field of infrastructure for a number of public and private facilities that serve development areas in society such as education, health, water, rehabilitation and training. CSSW also contributes to social welfare within Yemeni society in rural and urban areas. It provides care for poor and needy families through seasonal and non-seasonal projects implemented throughout the year, as well as empower them economically, with a focus given to the poorest families, widows and people with chronic cases in the community.

Community Development Goals:
1. Complete construction projects in the fields of (health, education, rehabilitation, agriculture, etc.) after conduction of necessary studies.
2. Rehabilitate the infrastructure in several areas of development.
3. Serve the community, create sustainable development, and establish infrastructure that help solve the problems suffered by the Yemeni society in health, and educational services, etc.

Social welfare objectives:
1. Reduce poverty rate in Yemen and diminish unemployment degree through loans given for creation of small projects.
2. Empower poor families economically through training and qualification in crafts and vocations.
3. Provide periodic assistance and sponsorships to the most vulnerable families.

Community Development Projects and Outputs:
• Public Schools.
• Rehabilitation and training centers for young people.
• Orphanages that include accommodation, school, and attached facilities.
• Health centers and units.
• Variety of houses for the poor people.
• Artesian and manual wells with accessories of pumps, networks and water tanks.
• Concrete and stone water reservoirs of various sizes.
• Rehabilitation institutes.
• Women rehabilitation centers.

Social Welfare Projects and Outputs:
1. Ramadan charitable projects (fasting meal tables, distribution of dry food, distribution of cooked meals, distribution of dates and meat, breakfast meals for travelers, traffic and rescue policemen).
2. Distribution of Eid meat.
3. Project to sponsor poor families, disabled and elderly people.
4. Safety net and livelihood project.
5. Cash money and in-kind donations for needy families and passers-by.
6. Distribution of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha clothing project.
7. Winter clothing distribution project.
8. Student sponsorship project.
9. School bag distribution project.
10. Project for care of patients with renal failure and cancer.
11. Project for sponsorship of people with chronic diseases.

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