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1- With funding from the US Department of Labor and in partnership with the American CHF International Organization through the seven-year ACCESS-MENA and ACCESS-Plus projects, CSSW contributed to support education, prevent exploitation of children and deprive them of education in a number of governorates. The projects as well targeted children at risk of dropping out of school for various reasons; the most of such are material-related reasons.

Around (16,000) male and female children benefited directly from the educational and physical assistance, including uniforms, school supplies and bags. The children tracked monthly throughout the seven years of the projects duration. In addition, children of 40 schools benefited indirectly through the reconstruction and/or renovation of schools and through the support received, such as electrical generators, libraries, computer labs, playgrounds, teaching aids, remedial education classrooms, and rehabilitation and training of teachers in six educational programs.

The two projects implemented in two phases. The first phase (ACCESS-MENA) was during the years 2004-2008, and the second phase (ACCESS-Plus) was during the years 2008-2011. The projects included numerous services in the field of combating child labor and child trafficking through education and sustainable services, such as:

• Literacy
• Courses in vocational training
• Renovate classrooms and school facilities, especially in the countryside of the governorates of Hajja, Ibb, Abyan, Hodeida, and Aden.
• Distribute bags and school supplies.
• Repair and develop the infrastructure of schools and educational centers.
• Raise awareness about child rights and the risks associated with child labor.
• Capacity building of teachers in schools.
• Develop and support national policies aimed at improving and facilitating the enrollment of children in schools and not dropping out of education.

2. Global partnership in education
As part of the global grants program for the rehabilitation of schools affected by conflict in some governorates, CSSW implemented various projects in Yemen and in partnership with UNICEF in the governorates of Lahj and Aden and through the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in Abyan, Aldhale and Marib.

3 - Projects for supporting students in universities and school graduates
To ensure continuation of many aspiring young people and the most vulnerable groups of poor families in their education, CSSW contributed to sponsor students in universities and school graduates and grant them university scholarships. These projects are implemented in partnership with institutions, businesspersons and international organizations supporting at home and abroad.

4 - School bag distribution projects and uniforms for orphans and vulnerable people
In order to assist students of poor families and orphans and encourage them to enroll into school and pursue their education, CSSW persists annually in the governorates of the Republic to distribute bags, school supplies, and school uniforms. This project benefits thousands of boy and girl children where the number of beneficiaries of this service during the academic year 2016/2017 reached at (13,417) male and female students at the level of the Yemeni arena.

5. Somali Refugee Empowerment Program
Through the educational and training programs, CSSW, in cooperation with UNHCR, contributed to the empowerment of Somali refugees, both scientifically and technically, in order to improve their economic and livelihood conditions and to integrate them into society and rehabilitate them for the labor market. Such programs are conducted through the implementation of a number of educational and technical long-term programs (ranging from 3-4 years) and short-term programs (up to six months).
The programs varied as follows:
- Medical device engineering (4 years)
- Nursing
- Pharmacy and laboratories (three years)
- Dental technician
- Accounting
- Computer science
- Auto-electricity
- Electrical wiring
- Mobile phone maintenance

In the framework of the Somali Refugee Empowerment Program, CSSW also provides active loans to enable them to create small economic projects that contribute to providing new income for themselves and their families.

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