Orphans Sponsorship and care sector

About the sector

Orphans Sponsorship and care sector established during the first months of the Society's establishment. The Sector is one of the largest orphan sponsorship institutions in Yemen. The total number of orphans sponsored at the end of 2016 reached (30,810) in all the governorates of the Republic. However, the cumulative number of orphans who have been sponsored by CSSW since its establishment reached (58,000) male and female orphans
The Orphan Sponsorship and Care Sector enjoys an accumulated experience in the management of the orphan sponsorship and care project. It also represents a unique experience in this field through a network of staff, delegates and volunteers in 26 branches and offices in all the governorates, including more than 4000 supervisors and coordinators covering all districts and sub-districts. Services and activities for care of orphans are provided through those delegates. This includes existence of a transparent and flexible financial system that facilitates the disbursement process of the financial allocations for orphans and preparation of the required reports. The sector also has an electronic portal linked to all branches in the governorates and is updated periodically, which makes it easier for the sponsor to look into the data of his/her orphans on a regular basis

The Sector’s Objectives:
1. Contribute to the provision of sponsorships for new orphans to secure some essential needs for them.
2. Care for sponsored orphans and develop their abilities and skills in different areas.
3. Rehabilitate orphans vocationally and professionally and empower them to compete in the labor market.
4. Care for orphans educationally and enroll those who have reached the school age into formal education.
5. Develop the capacities and skills of distinguished and creative orphans in the educational, literary and artistic fields.
6. Contribute to the establishment of projects with a developmental dimension to help improve the lives of orphans and remove them from sponsorship to sufficient.

Types of care orphans receive across the sector

Educational care:
(Provision of scholarships, re-enrolment of dropped out orphans into education, support orphans to continue education, distribution of bags and school uniforms, implementation of activities benefiting orphans in the educational aspect).

Social, educational and health care:
(Distribution of food items to orphans' families as a living care provided by the sponsor, distribution of Eid clothing and gifts for orphans, implementation of periodic medical examination and disbursement of the necessary medicine, distribution of the Osama magazine for orphans as an awareness and educational care, implementation of recreational activities such as trips and field visits, etc.)

Sustainable development:
(Economic empowerment, granting and facilitating job opportunities for orphans, granting loans and income generation of small projects to orphans, rehabilitating social supervisors for orphans to ensure their performance development and to upgrade working methods with orphans).

Training and qualification:
(In human development and preparation for the labor market, training orphans vocationally and professionally, develop skills and capacities).

Gifted and creative care:
(Discovery of talented and creative orphans, work to cultivate their talents and innovations, develop their different capabilities and skills, support the abilities of the outstanding in the artistic, literary and scientific fields, support and encourage the innovations of orphans).

CSSW and the Sector’s advantages in orphan sponsorship and care


1. CSSW is the first voluntary civil society organization with an institution system established in Yemen.
2. It one of the largest associations to sponsor orphans.
3. Its services and activities cover all the governorates of the Republic.
4. It has a distinguished experience in the project management of sponsoring and caring for orphans for more than 25 years.
5. It has an integrated database for all sponsored orphans and an IT system linked to all branches and offices of the sector.
6. It has a financial system for orphans’ accounts marked as transparent and apply a separate account for each orphan and sponsor, which facilitates preparation and issuance of financial reports on orphans.
7. Has a network of volunteers: The sector invests the efforts of a wide network of volunteers, delegates and social supervisors of more than 4000 volunteers who directly supervise and manage orphans.

Some of The Sector activities

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