Relief for Refugees and Internal Displaced People

About the field

CSSW works in the field of relief in terms of providing emergency assistance and urgent relief to the most needy groups in the Republic of Yemen, whether those affected by natural events or conflicts and wars. These conflicts negatively affect the population in the affected areas who lose shelter and the source of livelihood for them and their families

1. Food security

In order to alleviate the sufferance of the conflict-affected families, CSSW distributes food parcels to displaced and affected families in the governorates of the Republic. Such food parcels contain sugar, rice, oil, pulses, dates and milk according to the relief plan and needs.

2. Shelter and distribution of non-food items

CSSW in the relief sector distributes non-food items and supplies to displaced families and poor households in the host community. These items include mattresses, blankets, rags/plastic sheets, mats, buckets, water transport and storage devices, and kitchen supplies.

3 - Medical aid

In addition to the previous aid, displaced persons may need health and/or medical assistance, especially the most vulnerable groups of children, women and the elderly, as well as contributing to awareness on disease and epidemic prevention in camps and transitional displacement areas.

The medical aid also includes medical convoys and mobile clinics for conducting examinations, testing and distributing free treatments for illness cases. The health survey is also carried out in order to facilitate and organize interventions according to the actual needs in the targeted areas.

4. Protection and social assistance

CSSW provides numerous services, social activities and protection services to IDPs and the host community in partnership with UNHCR and other operating international organizations and in cooperation with the executive units in the governorates where IDPs are located.

5. Emergency relief for community stability

In partnership with international organizations, CSSW has endeavored to contribute to support stability of families affected by security incidents in the most affected governorates. It moreover provides services that support lifesaving of the affected community and the stability of affected families. Such services include:

- Vocational and professional training service:

Aimed to build the capacity of displaced family members and the host community and to empower them vocationally and professionally to help them secure income for their families, CSSW implements various training programs in the fields of language, literacy, life skills, crafts and professions for young men and women. Such training programs also include sewing, embroidery, henna, engraving, auto mechanics, mobile phone maintenance, and electrical wiring.


- Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Service: 

CSSW has previously rehabilitated and reconstructed the homes of affected families in several towns in the Republic of Yemen.

Some of the activities in Relief for Refugees and Internal Displaced People

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