Woman and Child Sector

About the Sector

The Sector is financially and administratively independent. It focuses on providing services and implementing projects, programs and activities related to women in urban and rural areas. Its services also include all female categories, such as students, illiterates, mothers, adolescents, girls, the elderly and other components of women in Yemeni society. The Sector, in addition, gives great attention to the children category with their different age stages and/or community groups.
Through the Woman and Child Development Sector, CSSW implements several social, health, educational and cultural projects and programs with the aim of contributing to community development and improving the socioeconomic situation among the women and children's community. The Sector, through its branches and women's committees in the Capital Sana’a and other governorates of the Republic, provides various humanitarian services and implements varieties of training activities and programs to rehabilitate orphans and girls of poor families and equip them with vocations and professions that enable them to sustain new sources of income. All such projects and programs are implemented in partnership with various organizations and donors.

The Sector scope of work:
1. Educational field
2. Development and economic empowerment
3. Social welfare
4. Field of training and rehabilitation

The objectives of the woman and child sector to empower women economically and to care for Yemeni children

The Sector’s Objectives:

The sector strives to achieve its objectives successfully. Its main objectives are:
1. Reduce illiteracy rates among women.
2. Raise the level of legal rights awareness of women and children.
3. Monitor and document violations against women and children by the community.
4. Protect children from all forms of violence in the community.
5. Empower women and girls economically and provide job opportunities.
6. Rehabilitate women administratively and in leadership, and rehabilitate orphans vocationally and professionally.
7. Implement and finance development and investment projects for the benefit of women and children.
8. Provide services and implement social, educational and health activities for women and children.

Orphan care, rehabilitation and training

In the field of training and rehabilitation:
The sector is concerned with the training and rehabilitation of women and girls and equip them in various life skills, including computer, English language, sewing, incense and perfumes making, handicrafts and other fields. The total beneficiaries of the training and rehabilitation programs were (101,419) female beneficiaries until 2016.

The field of girl orphan care and sponsorship:
The Woman and Child Sector pays significant carefulness to female orphans given that they of the most affected groups in society. They lack compassion and kindness, and they are threatened with homelessness and loss if they do not receive the necessary care and attention. The sector sponsors a number of (2629) girl orphans and provide them with activities, social, educational, health, recreational and cultural services.

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