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Funded by WHO, CSSW implements several emergency health services for affected populations in Lahj Governorate

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Yemen is experiencing an economic crisis due to the ongoing war. The crisis led to deterioration in health services and caused the spread of many diseases and epidemics in the conflict-affected areas, as well as the deterioration of mental health among various groups of society, including children, women and men who need direct intervention in provision of health and psychological assistance.

  With the support of the World Health Organization, CSSW branch in Lahj governorate managed to implement training activities targeting community leaders, female volunteers and community educators. The branch also implemented awareness activities, psychosocial support sessions and provided treatment services to the community through three mobile clinics in the districts of Madharibah, Maqatirah, Tor al-Baha and Qabbaitah within Lahj governorate.

 "Three mobile medical teams have been dispatched to Lahj governorate which contributed to improve the health status of about 80% of the displaced and conflict-affected population, including pregnant and lactating women through primary health care services and reproductive health services," said Dr. Zaker al-Yusufi, director of CSSW emergency health services.

CSSW also carried out psychosocial support sessions in the targeted districts benefiting (9229) males, females and children, and contributing to diagnose diseased cases, track psychological cases and provide psychiatric support for them. CSSW, in addition, implemented 300 health education sessions in the district of al-Maqatirah benefiting (8300) people and conducted 2000 home visits benefiting (9700) community members. CSSW, furthermore, conducted training sessions for 20 female community health educators and volunteers and implemented an advocacy and mobilization workshop for 30 community leaders to contribute to support the project's various activities. 

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