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CSSW opens diarrhea treatment centers and units in Aden, distributes medical equipment

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With funding from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), CSSW in Aden Governorate opened centers and units for the treatment of acute diarrhea in the districts of Sira and Dar Sa’ad.

Dr. Mohamed Mahfouz Bayashoot, the secretary general of Aden branch, explained that these centers receive cases of acute water diarrhea, place them under surveillance and refer the risky cases to public hospitals.

Dr. Bayashoot pointed out that these centers and units will last for four months, during which 24 health workers from the two districts will be trained on how to identify and treat cases, in addition to training of volunteers, community leaders and community representatives to educate the population on the risks of acute watery diarrhea.

The branch concluded the training course for the community health volunteers in the districts of Sira and Dar Sa’ad within the emergency response project to combat cholera disease with funding from (OCHA) and supervision by the health and population office. The training contributed to empower 40 male and female trainees on basics of health education, communication skills and health messages dealing with promotion of hygiene and healthy behavior for the prevention of acute watery diarrhea.

Meanwhile, CSSW, with funding by the Malaysian Agency, distributed medical equipment and aids to the Cholera Center at the Friendship Hospital. The medical aid included 20 beds, 31 food carriers, 4 air conditioners and hygiene kits to help alleviate the suffering of patients.

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